Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Christmas Giveaway at The Bassoon Bureau

This is just a short post to announce the launch of my new website: 'The Bassoon Bureau', home of the bassoon quartet!

From the homepage:

Have you ever dreamt of starting a bassoon quartet, but couldn't find enough music?
Do you already play in a quartet, and want to expand your repertoire?
If so, you've come to the right place.

At The Bassoon Bureau you will find high quality arrangements of high quality music, all specially adapted for the unique ensemble of four bassoons. Each piece has been lovingly prepared with reference to the original score, resulting in authentic arrangements that preserve all the music's main characteristics. And what's more, many of the arrangements are flexible - so if you can't find four available bassoonists, you can simply eliminate the optional 4th part and play the pieces as trios!

And what's more, seeing as it's nearly Christmas, I have set up a big giveaway on the site for a limited time only! To find out what it is, just visit and click on 'Christmas giveaway'.

Stay tuned in the coming months for plenty more nuggets of wisdom on Adventures in Woodwindland, including how to use IMSLP as a practice tool, and why I think you should experiment more with fingerings.

Until then, happy bassooning and merry Christmas!


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